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Siruis – The name given to the brightest star in the night sky. Also the name assigned to Summanis’s brand new flagship speaker.


A full standing tower speaker, the Siruis is a 3-way system that is designed without compromise. The drivers selected for these speakers come from Denmark, the mecca of sound engineering. They are hand-made, designed and built to ultra-high standards to ensure power, precision and articulation.


The towers themselves are hand-made in Melbourne. Using the ultra-accurate CNC routing, we precision cut a large range of Australian and International woods that are available. Cabinet rigidity is improved by heavy bracing, and internal damping to improve sound resonance. A front firing port enables the Siruis to exceed the full spectrum of human hearing from 20Hz-30,000Hz. Hitting frequencies so low, it will outperform many subwoofers.


The brain of the speaker is the individual 600W 3 channel amplifiers that are installed at the rear of each speaker. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) inbuilt into the amplifiers gives a level of fine tuning and control that is like no other.


Finally, in room measurements are taken during the installation process to measure and adapt to room modes and the environment, to ensure these speakers are calibrated and fine-tuned to sound their very best. 


Interested? Reach out and we can arrange an in home demonstration. 


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