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How we started

Summanis Audio was founded in Melbourne in early 2010 by a Melbourne based Mechatronics Engineer following a passion in music, sound reproduction and general frustration with the quality of audio present in many homes and venues.

We offer bespoke hand-made products, and a range of audio solutions from home hi-fi, pro audio (bar/club installs) to fully custom designs. Our speakers have found their way across international waters, residing in the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand and more!


Summan(u)s - (The Roman God of Nocturnal Thunder)


Why Summanis?

Our goal is simple - create products that earn a place in your living room. We aim to do this by focusing on the following.

Performance: At the heart of every Summanis speaker is the fine detail and engineering that has gone into the product to ensure it meets the highest standards of audio reproduction. We use high quality materials and components, alongside detailed design and quality testing to produce speakers that perform to our strict requirements. 

Soul: We like the music genre, but we want to earn a very special place in your house and heart. This is where our hand-built cabinets come into play. Our real wood veneer cabinets reveal detailed grain structures of beautiul Australian and International woods, whilst used in a way that promotes sustainability. 

Our cabinets are fastidiously built by hand by our master cabinet makers. This process can take upwards of 25+ hours for your pair of speakers. A small labour of love that will generate many more hours of audible pleasure!

A lot of blood, sweat, sanding, polishing, drilling gluing and testing have gone into your finished product, and we hope you love the result.

Summanis Siruis Speaker Hifi

Customer Feedback

"I worked with Dean from Summanis on a custom build and couldn't have been happier. Dean offered insight and recommendations on every aspect of my design, and the speakers would not have been anywhere near as successful without his input. I was given constant updates on the progress of the build and the final product is exceptional. Attention to detail is second-to-none and the sound is incredible. Thanks Dean!" - Dylan (Custom design)

"I could feel myself being enveloped by the sound, being present in the centre of it. The resolution of the sound was impeccable; the treble sharp and crisp, the mid range warm and bellow, the bass - solid and punchy. If you are looking for audiophile quality speakers without breaking the bank, I highly recommend you give Summanis a try and you might surprise yourself with what you will find." - Dr. J.Wong, Surgical Doctor (Summanis Apollos)

"I’m a grumpy person of an engineering background and not easy to keep happy. I’ve been on the search for stand mounted speakers for my wide and sometimes extreme music tastes. Being a mature adult male with two adolescence children would a challenge for anybody and any company to meet my needs. So off to the various stores, internet and suppliers did I trot to get prices to meet my budget and my need for good sound quality to match my amp and its sophisticated installed software. All the local Australian companies offered (in my opinion and limited knowledge about audio speakers). Then I came across ‘Summanis’. This was interesting, for I knew what it meant and the story behind it. After discussing what my requirements were, the sort of amp I had. I purchased a pair speakers and spent the next day with my eldest son (studying aeronautical engineering), ‘tuning’ the speakers to the amp, to match our various tastes in music. Finally done the effect was just absolutely awesome. This product has now given me a new enthusiasm to listen to music of all genres. And this is not just a flash in the moment; these speakers are going to last years and still give us enjoyment for years to come." Gilbert (Summanis Illuminate 2's)

"Was lucky enough to test out the Summanis Apollo 8" monitors for about 1 week and am very sad to see them go. Incredibly detailed high end without being fatiguing to the ear. Very forward, smooth, natural sounding mid-range with a low/mid slap that makes snares and bass guitar really come alive and sound as they're supposed to. Had them paired with a fairly run of the mill 5.1Ch ONKYO receiver, and a Ross Martin DAC so I'm keen to hear them coupled with a lovely dedicated 2Ch amp. They sound great, very detailed, flat response and really do go down to about 45Hz. Low bass isn't over-powering and nor should it be for a monitor - accuracy is the name of the game, and the Apollo's absolutely delivered. Turn them up nice and loud and you'll feel the bass without it ever seeming to dominate as it does with lower quality speakers. No mud here whatsoever, just clarity across the whole frequency range. Very impressive stuff, can't wait to test them out again :) Congrats to Dean at Summanis for making some truly amazing gear." - Joshua, Engineer (Summanis Apollos)


“Thankyou so much for building my speakers. They go perfectly with my home entertainment system, and also easily handle cranking up the volume effortlessly.” - Michael, Engineer (Summanis Illuminates)

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