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Shiva: (verb). (To the Australian) To shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited.


A slight play on words...however the Summanis Shiva 12 is guaranteed to make this a common occurrence.


Shiva is the Hindu god of yoga and the arts, also known as ‘The Destroyer’ and commonly portrayed slaying Demons.


As a subwoofer, the Shiva 12 it is an extreme 12 inch with an extra long throw voice coil and substantial power handling for low frequency reproduction; Designed for the most demanding hi-fi and home theatre applications. Comprising of an upgraded subwoofer, the new driver is capable of up to 18mm of displacement for ultra clean low frequency bass. Class leading driver efficiency requires less power from the amplifier, reducing thermal compression and flux modulation. Rated to 500W RMS, this driver means serious business.


The side mounted bass reflex design further improves the efficiency of the subwoofer by +3dB, and extends the frequency response of the woofer to below 27Hz at -3db! A high quality dual flared 4" port is used to eliminate turbulent port noise and port compression at high volumes.


Powering the subwoofer is a Class D 500W integrated plate amplifier. Containing a fully variable level, crossover frequency and phase controls; system integration and room optimisation are a breeze. The class D design is extremely efficient, reducing power requirements and keeping the amplifier cool to touch even at high loads. The auto-on/off feature switches the unit off when not in use.


Overall, the Summanis Shiva 12 is an ultra high quality subwoofer that not only looks beautiful, but delivers exceptional performance.

Shiva 12 Subwoofer

  • Cabinet
    Finish: Blackwood real wood veneer. Stained in a variety of colours and varnished with polyurethane.
    Construction: 19mm MDF, internally braced for high rigidity and strength. MDF has a very organic timbre compared to plastic and other materials.
    Damping: Cabinets are damped with audio grade matting, reducing standing waves and unwanted internal resonance.
    Port: 4" precision port. Adds +3dB and extends bass response below 27Hz. Large diameter and dual flared ends eliminate port noise
    Terminal: Gold plated for gauge wire or banana plug fitting
    Dimensions: 250(W) x 350(D) x 550(H)
    Weight: 25.0 kg

    Subwoofer: 12" dual voice coil subwoofer offers world class displacement and low distortion performance. Rated to 500W RMS and 2000W peak, this high quality driver is capable of some of the cleanest, punchiest, low frequency bass around.
    Sensitivity: 86.6dB/W/m
    Impedance: 2+2ohms
    Magnet: Ferrite, 140oz

    Plate Amplifier
    Input: RCA or Speaker (High) level input
    Standby Mode: Yes - 0.5W power consumption
    Amplification Type: Class D
    Power rating: 500W into 4ohms <1.0% THD
    Signal to Noise: >90dB at rated power Input Sensitivity: 210mV/50Hz (low level)
    Adjustment: Gain/Phase 0-180º/Crossover freq 40-200Hz

    System Specs
    Power Handling: 500W RMS
    Frequency Response: 27Hz - 400Hz +/- 3dB
    Sensitivity: 86.6dB/W/m

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