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An exceptional hand-crafted square based pyramid, the Kyamid is a unique design that is built for clarity and precision. The triangular structure provides one of the stiffest and rigid cabinets available. The 2-way design utilises a high class, highly efficient aluminium real ribbon tweeter to provide sweet crisp highs with wide dispersion properties.


The mid/low frequency reproduction is covered by a high performance 6 ½ inch carbon fibre/kevlar driver with long excursion and cast aluminium spider/frame.


These two exceptional quality drivers are integrated with an equally impressive crossover. Carefully selected components from Germany and Denmark make up the filter network, ensuring the purity of the signal is preserved. A Zobel Network is included to stabilise woofer impedances that vary with frequency, improving the consistency of the crossover point and sound accuracy.


This sleek, sophisticated speaker will be the show piece of your home. 

 7th wonder of the speaker world!


  • Cabinet
    Finish: Blackwood real wood veneer. Stained in a variety of colours and varnished with polyurethane
    Construction: 19mm MDF, square based pyramid for high rigidity and strength. MDF has a very organic timbre
    Damping Material: Audio grade matting, reduces standing waves and unwanted internal resonance
    Port: 1 1/2" port. Low turbulence design, extending bass frequencies to 50Hz +/- 3dB
    Terminal: Binding posts accecpt up to 12AWG wire or banana plug
    Dimensions: 250mm(W) x 250mm(L) x 460mm(H)
    Weight: 10kg each

    Woofer: 6 ½ inch carbon fibre and kevlar woven woofer. Excellent mid and low range performance. Cast aluminium frame for improved rigidity and performance
    Tweeter: Aluminium ribbon tweeter

    Inductors: Jantzen air core inductors on both tweeter and woofer
    Capacitors: Polyurethane audiophile capacitors (Audyn)
    Resistors: Non Inductive resistors
    Internal wire: 14/16AWG OFC or crossover hook up wire

    System Specs
    Power Handling: Rated to 72W per channel
    Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20,000Hz +/- 3dB
    Sensitivity: 89dB/W/m
    Impedance: 7 Ohms

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