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A fire breathing lions head with the body of a goat and a snake for its tail, the Chimera in Greek mythology represents a creature of multiple strengths and abilities. The Summanus Chimera is a beautifully crafted three way loud-speaker designed around the strengths of three independent drivers that provide a surreal sound experience and level of refinement like no other.


Built from the ground up using ultra high end components, the aim was to create a speaker that truly replicates the full spectrum of audible sound without compromise. This is achieved in the 3-way design, dedicating a specialised mid-range driver designed specifically to replicate the human vocal range.

A 10” carbon/kevlar woofer covers the low frequency reproduction with enormous power handling capabilities that allow the driver to reach as low as 30Hz. An exotic soft dome tweeter completes the system, capable of very fast transient responses and high dynamic range.


The end result is a stunning sound and look that perfectly integrates. A serious system, designed with no compromises.


  • Cabinet
    Finish: Blackwood real wood veneer. Stained in a variety of colours and varnished with gloss polyurethane.
    Structure: 19mm MDF - Internally braced for high rigidity and strength. MDF has a very organic timbre compared to plastic and other materials.
    Damping: Cabinets are damped with audio grade matting, reducing standing waves and unwanted internal resonance.
    Port: 3" precision port. Adds +3dB and extends bass response down to 30Hz. Large diameter and dual flared ends eliminate port noise.
    Terminal: Gold plated for gauge wire or banana plug fitting.
    Dimensions: 300(W) x 550(H) x 350(D)
    Weight: 21 kg

    Tweeter: 1 1/8" soft dome, aluminium faceplate, large aluminium voice coil, replaceable dome/coil assembly, ferrofluid cooled. A very fast tweeter that is capable of high dynamic range, low distortion and a smooth response.
    Mid-Range: 2 1/8" hand-treated textile diaphragm, Neodymium magnet and rear chamber loaded. This mid-range provides uncanny realism with a wide dispersion, perfectly integrated for crystal clear voice reproduction.
    Woofer: 10" large diameter voice coil, non-woven carbon fiber sandwich cone. Long throw and high x-max design, this woofer provides extremely tight bass down to 30Hz.

    Inductors: High purity copper air core inductors on both tweeter and woofer
    Capacitors: Metalized Polypropylene capacitors for audiophile transparency
    Resistors: Non Inductive resistors
    Internal wire: 14/16AWG OFC or comparable crossover hook up wire is used

    System Specs
    Power Handling: 375W per channel RMS
    Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20,000Hz +/- 3dB
    Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m

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