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Rediscover Λudio

Hand crafted audiophile quality speakers
Built in Melbourne
, Australia

Power output, true linear bass, and high frequency reproduction are all the key ingredients required for realistic music reproduction. Summanis speakers are designed and engineered to focus on these three attributes to give you music in such fine detail you've never heard before. 


Summanis speakers use the latest computer modelling, CNC techniques, real hard wood veneer and only market leading components to ensure a realistic and pleasurable experience like no other. 

Invest in a set of Summanis speakers to get incredible sound, that you know was hand built just for you.


Finest Materials

Quality drivers sourced from leading international brands, offer breathtaking transparency and response

Visually stunning

Made from Australian hardwood - decided from our range by you

High Quality Wiring

Handmade, hardwired crossovers

High quality gold plated terminals

Rigid Construction

Hand crafted, solid MDF wood construction provides a natural organic timber

Supreme Audio Quality

highly engineered, quality component



Hand crafted, one of a kind speakers just for you.


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Summannis Audio


A passion for audiophile quality sound. Designed, engineered and hand constructed in Melbourne.

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